Recognizing the Horse in Pain II is here! The second edition book - fully revised and updated - is now available! Preview the trailer below and purchase this invaluable resource online!
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RHPII  book and DVD make a great gift for the horse-person in your life!

We're off to Amsterdam in May 2017 to work on a collaborative project with veterinarians, physios, and saddlefitters to film the impact of training and rider position on horses and biomechanics.

Join us for a clinic at Equitopia this year! Next up in August 2017.

Regular visits to Southern Cal - please email to get on the appointment list for the next trip.

Saddle-fitting and saddles for sale - Schleese, Peter Horobin Saddlery, Western Saddles, and more. Need a saddle? Have a saddle to sell? Drop me an email!

Dr. Joanna Robson is a proud member of the:
--American Association of Equine Practitioners
--American Veterinary Medical Association
--Saddlefit 4 Life
-American Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

She is a Certified Infrared Thermographer through Infraspection Institute, and the Veterinary Technical Director of EquineIR - sponsor of the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

"Integrative Medicine for Integrated Horses"
"The apex of perfection in equestrian art is not an exhibition of a great deal of different airs...but rather the conversation of the horse's enjoyment, suppleness, and finesse during the performance." -- Nuno Oliveira, Reflections on Equestrian Art.
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Equitana 2012Nerve damage RF limb, image Peter HopkinsDr. Robson with Eckert Meiners, Karen Loshbaugh, and Jochen Schleese, Equitana Germany.Ill-fitting Western saddleTreating a patient in Rancho Santa Fe, CALecturing at Rolex, KY 2011Dr. Robson is dedicated to education against abuse in equine sportSaddle-fitting is a predominant part of my veterinary practice.Equitana stand with Peter HorobinNevan at homeSidney in the jumpersMotion palpation of a patient's lumbar spineA purple tongue with yellow coating denotes stagnation with Liver imbalance or Heatanatomy of the hoof
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Have you spent thousands of dollars to diagnose and treat your horse's mystery lameness without results? Frustrated, depressed, and just want your horse to feel well again? Tired of being told there's nothing wrong when you know your equine partner isn't moving or acting the way they should? Multiple joint injections and "bute and stall rest" getting tiresome?
There's help available...

Welcome to Inspiritus Equine, Inc.,
Providing Veterinary Chiropractic, Veterinary Acupuncture, Saddle-Fit evaluations and measuring, Infrared Thermography, Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine, and education for owners while treating your horse with compassion.
    Inspiritus Equine, Inc. unites the best healing methods from both Eastern and Western Veterinary Medicine, with top industry professionals in farriery, saddlery, thermography, and classical foundation training, to create an integrated, sound equine body and mind.  Inspiritus Equine, Inc. provides a unique approach to your horse's well-being. Dr. Robson evaluates each patient as a whole horse and emphasizes client education while providing invaluable resources.

Dr. Joanna Robson is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,
(2002 graduate of the Washington State University
Honors Veterinary Medicine Program)
and is a:
  • Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapist  (HOWC)
  • Certified Massage Practitioner (Pacific School of Massage)
  • Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (Chi Institute)
  • Certified Saddlefitting Technician  (Saddlefit4Life)
  • Certified Infrared Thermographer (Infraspection Institute and Tech Director of
  • Nationally and Internationally sought after lecturer and clinician

If your horse is biting, bucking, or bolting, cold-backed and stiff, crooked, resistant to aids, had a recent dental or surgery, is head-tossing, losing muscle, developing lumps and bumps, having problems with leads...your horse is in pain!

Please CALL 707-738-7110 or EMAIL for more information or to schedule an appointment, or to see if these services may be right for your horse.
Chiropractic and Acupuncture are also available for Canines by request and seen in American Canyon

Inspiritus Equine, Inc. is a veterinary practice  limited to complementary and holistic medicine services; please call your regular veterinarian for routine
and emergency care.