Consultations comprise a significant section of my practice. Established clients, potential clients, and equestrians from across the globe are frequently searching for much needed advice, guidance, or evaluation of their horse's husbandry. Consultations may include review of case histories, video or photo files, recommendations for further diagnostics or treatments, or recommendations on tack and equipment, supplements, and more.

Due to the extreme demand for my time on such cases, a consultation is imperative for both of us - for me to cover my time and dedication to your questions or needs, and for you, to ensure that you have my undivided attention. Consultations may be paid via PayPal or will be invoiced through Quickbooks to your email address.

Consultations are billed at $50 / 15 minute block. If you have a simple question with a simple answer, we have covered our "office time" together. If you have a difficult case requiring multi-media review, you will receive the same attention as if we had an in-person appointment.

Please remember that a consultation is never a replacement for in-person care from your regular veterinarian, and if you have an emergency, you should immediately contact your equine veterinarian.

Thank you for filling out the form. We will review the information and respond to you as soon as possible with further information.