Finding a practitioner you can trust can be challenging. So don't just take my word for how much I love what I do, here's what some of my clients have to say!
Hi Joanna,
I just wanted to send you a pic of me in the saddle with Duke's new pad.  I love the saddle and pad.  It feels so good , for once, to have a saddle that fits.  I feel that I've now done every thing I can for my precious Duke to make him comfortable.   Thank you, so much, again!!!!!
Allison 2/2015

Good morning Joanna,
  Back in September you were out at willow tree and worked on my lil paint horse dd. She has been feeling awesome I've ran(barrels) twice on her since. Would love to get on your schedule next time your out there for you to work on her one more time before I start up my season!
Thank you
Sarah Kriletich

12-2014 Joanna,
As we enter the Holiday Season, I just wanted to let you know, again, how grateful I am for all that you did, and continue to do. The support, and love, you provided to both Ricky and me this summer left a profound mark on me. Now, we are cantering poles in a Sunday "play" classs Janelle has arranged.  He is turned out every day, and about as happy as any horse could be.  Ricky is thriving. Yes, there will be challenges in the future but I know I will be able to face them with the support of women like you and Heidi in my corner.
Best Wishes and a very, very Happy Thanksgiving !!!!
Stephanie and Ricky

Hi Joanna,
I saw Hank today and he seems well and more relaxed. You have done wonders in just one visit. Can't wait for further help from you. I believe all of this is the right path for him. He is a good boy. Just needs some extra help and attention.
Thank you,
-Cathy, Petaluma, CA

Thank you both for your care of Hope.  She continues to walk normally and seems so happy to happy consistent food, care and attention.... and to have a nice view!  :-))  I am also so appreciative of your support of me as I struggled to understand what was wrong and to let Hope have a chance to heal if that was in the cards
for her.  She is now showing herself to be the beautiful horse, both inside and outside, that she is.
I can never express adequately the gratitude I feel.
-Carol, Napa, CA

You regime has accomplished just we talked about in your barn that day years ago, to add a few quality years to Yan Kwan’s life. That has been accomplished in fine fashion. 
Please (1) order more of the magic powder and (2) let me know if you are ever available to see him again.  I abide by your availability. Invoice me for you time to this email or I’ll pay when I see you.
Thanks for everything Doc.
S. Coghlan, Marin, CA

You are awesome! Holy cow! How lucky am I that I found you...VERY lucky.  Just watching you groom your horse was a treat. Most don't do what you do.  You are a beautiful rider and you know what you are doing. Geeze.
I will be there tomorrow with your patient Stormy. I hope you see him. Driving is the greatest passion in my life.
Like your riding is to you. Thank you for being my Inspiritus.
-J. Hayes, Novato, CA

"So there we were at 12,000ft crossing the Sierra Nevadas when we started chatting with some ladies from the "Napa Saddle Jackets" riding club. We talked about horses, farriers and vets and then lo and behold one of our fellow vacationers said she knew you from American Canyon and Oakdale. She said you worked on a friends horse and did wonders for him. She also said that you havean amazing reputation. Small, small small world eh??"
-C Maraio, Chino Hills, CA

Dr. Robson,
We wanted to thank you again for your outstanding presentation at our PNER January convention.  It is difficult to find a speaker that can be relevant to both new and seasoned endurance riders.  You did an incredible job, as testified to by convention attendees over and over.  Thank you for raising our awareness. 
Becky Fiedler PNER Pres 2013

Hello Dr. Robson:
I am extremely pleased to report that Yan Kwan has really responded to your treatment regime.
His feet are still puffy, but he is much more vivacious and happy.  He is a Happy Dog.
I have reduced the ball chasing to a couple days/week and only a couple balls/day.
But he is jumping all around and is all together happy.
-Steve and Yan Kwan

Dr. Robson-
Hello, I just wanted to give you an update on JP since you last saw him for his adjustment. I have started working him over the past few days and am really making sure he moves forward and works his muscles good ! He has been doing so well ! He has been trying really hard and doing a great job. He is definitely much more comfortable and his back is not nearly as sore as it was previously. He is not as sensitive in his back area and he is already starting to build more strength in his hind end.  I increased his food for him to gain some more weight and am still waiting for his new supplement to come in to give him. I will contact you in a few weeks to give you another update on how he is doing ! Thanks again for coming out to work on him !
-Crystel Mocek, Davis, CA

Just wanted to tell you once more - this is astounding.  She really is a different horse.  She is Normal!!   I feel as if I'm riding a regular horse.  I can cross the diagonal and turn either direction, without her leaning in, or wiggling in a really weird way when I'm nearing the corner.  That has not been possible since I've had her. 
Today I popped her over some decent sized cross rails, and she really JUMPED.  I mean, the difference is amazing.  She is using her body and rounding over the fence.  Joanna, you have fixed her.  It's just wonderful, and I'm so glad I didn't push her these last couple of months.  It was physical.  She's not 100% going to the right yet, but she gets it now, and is really trying.  I'm keeping everything at the low, forward trot until she feels ready to canter comfortably.  To the left she's 100%.
And - she's listening to my leg!   I have to wonder if she was leaning on it so much because she needed to.  She needed the support.  Good grief.  She doesn't do it anymore.  Actually, that's not quite true.  Occasionally, to the right.  But it's the exception, not the rule, and as long as I prepare her going into the turn, it's not an issue.
Thank you thank you thank you.
Elizabeth M., Malibu, CA

I can sum it up in one word.   WOW
Yesterday, as instructed, I hand walked her for 30 minutes then put her in her paddock.
This morning, lunged her (and I don't mean, tearing around on a lunge line.  I walk 5 mins each direction, then walk/trot/walk - trot - trot/canter a few strides- trot/walk). 
Started on the ground touching her side and teaching her to move off the pressure - sat on her at the walk, carrying a crop.  When I asked her to leg yield and she pushed back, I tapped her - she got it immediately.  At the trot, tracking left, she was amazing.  After just a minute or two she was bending, moving off my leg, it was incredible.  She was forward and floaty -  100%.  Big wide circle.  Tracking right - tougher job.  We got there, but it took longer and we had more conversations.  I'd say she was about 90%.
If you  had seen her today, you would wonder why I had called you out.  I'm very encouraged and very optimistic.  Will definitely have Jackie out next week.  I think with some professional schooling, we'll be back on track. 
Dr. Robson - you freed her up.  She was moving again.   THANK YOU.
All my best,
Elizabeth M., Malibu, CA

Hi Joanna!  I want to say thanks again for the lovely conversation last Wed. It is nice to talk to someone who thinks like I do. Whenever I hit a road block it seems the right person comes along to point me in the right direction.
Also, I wanted to let you know I rode Petey today for the first time since you were here. Oh my. What a difference!  He is much straighter. I don't think he has ever been straight his whole life.  He literally doesn't know what to do but he is trying. I can really feel how weak his left side is. He tires quickly so I need to be sure I don't over do it. We just need to build muscle now.  Thanks for your help with him. I'll keep you posted.
Lori Kaeslin, Winters, CA

Thank you, so much, Joanna, for making time in your schedule for us.  As you can tell, we've both been struggling with our individual horses for quite some time.  It was particularly frustrating for me in the beginning when I was telling my "experts" that Beau just wasn't "right" and I just kept getting told he looked fine, I needed to work him differently, or that it was behavioral.  Then, as things got very bad, to be told that he couldn't cut it and I should just sell him.  Was very disheartening to say the least...After tending to a few more horses, I went to get him out to put him on the walker.  I got his boots on and could tell he was anxious to go.  He really marched out of his stall and down the aisle-way.  I decided to take him to the big ring and let him have a roll (he'll do this on the lead line) and he practically ran down the hill to get there as he knew what was coming.  He had a great roll, flipping from side to side, and then we went back up the walker.  Got him on there and as it started off, he gave two or three huge bucks and cavorted forward.
Overall, he just gave me a sense that he felt really good in his body.  It was great to see and feel from him.  He is just such a happy horse, and I have to trust that to tell me more than anything I think.
Thanks again.  We'll definitely stay in touch, and I look forward to having you back out when you return from your trip.  Have a safe one!

Thank you so much Dr Robson for fitting us in!! I ordered the "Back on Track" sheet for Roso today.
Talked to my good friend Viva M in Maui and she said she has had you out for her horses and the only thing she could say was she wished you came to Maui more!!!! She said you were spot on with her mares.
I really want to make Roso more comfortable and believe he is and could be a fabulous horse, in my heart is already is! I have read and re-read your report and then typed it out for Mary (she asked for a copy) but it is clearer if I type and better for me to put it in my brain.
Have a fabulous trip to Burma and we will see you sometime after your return.
Big hugs from Roso and Beth, most sincerely and repectfully, Beth

Hello Karen and Joanna,
It was lovely to see both you and Joanna yesterday at the barn.  Devon is happy and healthy, I really could not ask for more.  I look forward to working/training with him in both dressage and jumping as he certainly has the athletic ability...Thank Art2Ride/Inspirtusequinecom for all you have done to help Devon and I.  I look forward to attending many more clinics to continuing learning and expanding our skills as a team, horse & riders.
JulieAnne White, Encinitas, CA

Dear Joanna,
Last November I was fortune enough to sit in on your amazing lecture (twice) at Equitana in Melbourne, it was the first time someone has ever explained saddle fitting properly.  I have now read your book and watch your DVD production and I want to congratulate you for producing this brilliant product, something that is much needed. Last year I tried to research saddle fitting with some very disappointing results as the information was very basic and lacking essential  points required which you have covered and easy to understand. I have had horses for roughly 30 years and it truly amazes me the lack of knowledge in this vital area. I have to confess that I have been guilty of poor saddle fitting in the past, not deliberately of course and  feel gutted for the pain I  must have put my darling equine friends through however not anymore, thank you so very much for putting it right. Hope we have the opportunity to meet some day. Keep up the good work and the very all the very best.
Kind Regards, Lynda Roberts
Birdwood, South Australia

Hello Joanna,
So good to hear from you. Valentijn is going great. Although he is a bit restless. We are so fortunate to have met you. Other than a couple of equine chiropractic msg therapy people you are the first veterinarian to actually take the time to listen to our concerns, actually do a thorough exam of Valentijn, and and then make recommendations for him. Not, inject this and that and see how it goes kind of thing. Or, you are just overprotective, he is fine when all of the signs tell me otherwise.
  I fianally feel that with you onboard Valentijn and Elyse are going to have the opportunity to finally feel good, be happy, and enjoy this sport that they both love to do so much.
I can't thank you enough for last weekend.  anytime you are here please let me know to schedule appt for valentijn. I do have some follow up questions but will email u later.
Talk soon,
Mary, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Thank you very much for your extremely informative videos.  You pack a world of knowledge in each short video and it's such a big help.  Keep them coming!!
Betty Ann
Meadowview Saddlery, Inc.

--Update on ulla
She has finally started trotting w/o a hitch in front left!!! Her foot is healing but also bareback and no bad saddle!! Keeping fingers crossed!
Moxie has had saddle adjusted and he is happy and extending his forelegs!!
Thank you joanna!! They look to be healing and much happier (esp ulla bareback) - looking for an adjustable saddle from schleese. I can't hurt ulla from bareback can I?
Your expertise is priceless!! Thank you! Still wish you were here. Calif is so lucky to have you!!!
Take care. Ann, Canada

--Thanks for helping me become more informed and sharing your knowledge to help keep our animals happy and healthy!  Hope to see you sometime soon.  Brenda Benkly and all the furry critters!

--Hi Joanna,
Just a quick note to say thanks. 
We had Geppedo (GP) shawd on Sunday and I am looking forward to getting the Adequan (ordered today).
I also wanted you to know that Mary and I had dinner with Kevin Scott Hall (Hector) on Friday night and I started to talk about how I really liked your work, guidance and the fact that you jumped right in to show me how to give shots to GP.  We all agree you are like an ‘Integrated Soundness Rock Star’ and we are your groupies/band aides!
Thank you again for all your help with our horses.  Your grounded intelligent approach is so greatly appreciated.
Dusty Poole, Nicasio, CA

--Joanna, I must thank you again. Tura Lura is feeling so much better . Now when he is turned out, he is  this exuberant horse - bucking and kicking up high,and  playing tag with the dog. His back and shoulders do not appear sore with palpation.  I will finish up the ice treatment this Friday, There is no more heat in his Lumbar-sacral area...Tura Lura does like the Happy Liver. He will lick off my fingers. I will schedule another session after Nov. just to fix any more damage and re-set everything again after he finishes this dose of Happy Liver and the inflammation is gone( hopefully).--
Thanks again, Linda Cannon

--Dear Joanna,
Thank you so much for checking up, the dvd arrived yesterday and its really great!
I've already learned a lot of new things Im embarrassed to say I never thought of before.
You explaine things in a very easy understandeble way and its so much great information about very important things.
Thank you again for the wonderful work you are doing :-)
Best regards
Lisbeth :-)

Thank you so much for your visit with Bella. You went above and beyond the call of duty with my girl and I am grateful...
Best regards,
Dal Burns, Angwin, CA

--I wanted to say that I saw your three seminars on horses in pain, saddle fitting,and acupuncture and just wanted to tell you that I found all of them to be very helpful! I learned more from your three seminars then from any others. I think it is great that you have such a complete understanding of horses. In addition, I think your people skills are wonderful. You deliver all of the information in a direct but polite way and you encourage questions! Overall I think you are a very knowlegable person. Thank you very much for presenting at equine affair, Alexis Hill

--We met briefly a equitana and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your lectures and demonstrations. Wonderful to find a vet who takes a wholistic approach to horse health. If only we had more practioners like you. Please add me to your mailing list. I would love to hear about what you are doing and look forward to reading your research and case studies.

--We had a major day last Saturday. Doing just we always do, Blues finished 2nd and got Best Condition at the Del Valle 50 10/18. OK, thefront runners got lost...we don't care. Blues had great vet scores. Kudosyou!  Karen Bottiani, Brentwood, CA

--Hi Dr Robson,I wanted to thank you again for coming out to speak to our club! I received very positive reviews from those who attended, and I'm excited to see that there really is some interest in alternative medicine at school. Even one of my classmates who is neither an equine person, nor a holistic medicine person (he wants to do small animal emergency) enjoyed the talk.So thank you again for your time, it was really great! We will definitely keep you in mind for any wetlabs or more talks once we start planning for next quarter.Cheers,-Anika

--You came out to our farm in Novato to look at the Selle Francais gelding with a bad back who we were trying to give away. He's doing really well now. We ended up giving him to JD Acres, a rescue in Elverta. They had him ultrasounded and did a lot of stall rest with hand walking and massage. He's being fostered in Napa right now and doing trail riding 3 days a week, and so far showing no signs of discomfort. Thank you again for your assessment on him!Also, our black Anglo Arab gelding, Soldier, who we brought to American Canyon for the Schleese saddle fitting is doing great. He was so bad at that time, and having a saddle that fit him made a huge difference. We got him back into shape and his back recovered fully and all his symptoms went away. We just sold him to a really lovely woman who's going to do dressage and trail riding with him (no more jumping).--Kristina

--I do need to schedule an appointment with you for your next visit to evaluate my mare's spine. She flexes well to the left now and is moving nicely during her training. ;No bucking or kicking at all with her new saddle. Jochan did adjust it as she has grown and developed a lot more muscle due to training 3x/wk. After the adjustment, Kuulei moved even better and had a wonderful lesson yesterday. Nikki is now riding her. Jochan was very impressed with her riding skills and told me that Kuulei was a really good horse to perform as she did with the saddle fitting not quite fitting her before he adjusted it. And to think I had been advised to sell her!!!! We love her.Again, thank you for your kindness and great wisdom.Aloha, Rebecca (here on Maui at the Maui Horse Center)

--Hi Dr. Robson,Super great to rec'v your card in the mail. Is that your horse? He/she is very pretty.I am sorry I didn't report sooner. Balanchine is a different horse since your visit. Alot more energy, running and bucking. I was happy to hear his good report from you, but you must have opened some pathways for him. His back seems to have raised and is more flat, like it looked when I bought him, and he doesn't carry his neck upside down. Thanks a million!  I am happy to hear you will be returning soon and will let everyone know the approximate time frame and let you know how many people I come up with. Wishing you the best, till we see you again always.

--Joanna, In all sincerity, you are truly a miracle worker. My mare, Lola, is remarkably improved. While I have only had the opportunity to ride her briefly this morning, one week after her treatment, I feel a tremendous difference in her movement.There is power from her hind end, whereas she had no impulsion previously, as discussed. She moves with an effortless uphill, smooth and rounded stride, rather than the stiff and rigid movement of the past. Her neck bends left and right equally without hesitation or resistance. Although I was not able to ride her any great length of time because it started to rain, she bends through her body in both directions without reservation and with extremely subtle cues. Her back is more rounded when backing, and she backs with greater speed and balance. I warmed her up sufficiently to spin her left and right in near perfect circles, which she was unable to do without forward movement prior to treatment. While riding her downhill she collected under herself, instead of falling on her front and hollowing her back.Her movement is far superior than when injected with steroids last year. Of equal importance, I have not seen her crib since her treatment. Furthermore, her temperament has returned to a more accepting and willing attitude, rather than the stiff, bracing, broncy, sulking, approach that had so much resistance.  --Angwin, CA

--I just wanted to let you know that Rhythmly is like a new horse!!! Its amazing, our trainer Debbie had not seen us since the treatment day and she was blown away over how wonderful Rhythmly was moving & jumping. No swapping leads, no extra patting before the fences, just soft flowing movement... On Sunday he stood comfortably and got his first pair of hind shoes; amazing since in the past I could hardly get his hind feet cleaned and lightly filed without him jerking his foot  almost falling down.-- Sacramento, CA

--My horse has been great for the farrier! Until you treated her, she wouldn't hold up her back end for shoeing!-Martinez, CA