Chinese herbal medicines have been used for thousands of years. The first known application may have been a Chinese herbal wine!  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, only 20% of patients are treated with acupuncture, while 80% are treated with herbals. Those numbers may be somewhat reversed here in the West.

Chinese herbal medicines have been extensively studied, and are effective against numerous ailments, such as:  pain, trauma, arthritis and joint disease; colds and coughs, fevers, urinary tract conditions, and bacterial and viral infections; fatigue, chronic cough and asthma, kidney, liver, and heart failure, food allergies, and poor digestive function...just to name a few!

Chinese herbals have different energies, tastes, and actions.  Medicines may be available as tea pills, capsules, powders, and topicals, in addition to being mixed in teas.

True Chinese herbals should only be prescribed by a properly trained and licensed doctor; some medicines may have side-effects, or be dangerous in pregnant or debilitated animals.

Chinese herbals should NOT be mistaken for superstitious medicines that endanger animals and plant species (such as bear gall bladder and rhinocerous horn).

Inspiritus Equine, Inc. currently uses only Jing Tang Herbals, from Florida to ensure quality standards.
Most Popular Formulas:

Body Sore - for musculoskeletal pain and soreness (show safe!)

Shen Calmer - for Shen disturbance and calming

Hot Hoof - treats laminitis, navicular and hoof disorders

Tendon-Ligament - proven to speed healing times of tendon and ligament injuries!

Liver Happy - for the "angry wood horse" under stress

Topical Relief Salve - for relieving heat and pain in wounds and bumps

Stomach Happy - Chinese herbal gastrogard

Equine Du Huo - Body Sore for cold weather!