Saddle-fitting is complex, and comprises a majority of my practice. For instance, most clients who call because their horses are experiencing hock problems, stiffness, trouble with hills, difficulty with leads, problems bending, crookedness, head tossing, tripping and stumbling, dropping out in front or behind, bucking or rearing under saddle, biting when saddled or girthed, stomach ulcers, and on and on don't realize that the PRIMARY problem in MOST instances, is an ill-fitting saddle. Watch the video to learn more. And might I recommend the book and DVD "Recognizing the Horse in Pain...and What You Can Do About It!"

Dr. Robson is a proud veterinary partner of Saddlefit4Life, and is a certified saddle-fitting technician.

This thermographic image of a horse's back clearly shows the pattern of an ill-fitting saddle. The saddle has too much pressure at the front panels and uneven contact throughout creating a problem known as "bridging."  What kinds of problems might this cause?