vsmt grey geldingjing-tang Body Sore herbal medicineelectroacupuncturesaddle-fitting, tree angle openequine anesomelia - limb length disparity. Checking shoulder blade heighthigh heel low heel syndromeclub foot on radiographSaddle panel on edge on a patient's back creating pressure and pain. Foam panels cannot be adjusted, but must be replaced for a correct fit.Infrared image showing patterning from a bridging saddle - pressure at the front and rear and no contact in the middle
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Is your horse biting when saddled?
Bucking or rearing?
Having trouble with hills?
Stiff behind, resistant to your aids?
Leaning on the bit, stiff in the neck, or on the forehand?
Have you spent thousands on veterinary bills with no results!? Frustrated, depressed, and at the end of your rope?

Integrated Soundness Solutions(TM) is a practice and philosophy of combining the best healing methods from both Eastern and Western Veterinary Medicine, with top industry professionals in farriery, saddlery, thermography, and training, to create an integrated, sound equine body and mind.  Inspiritus Equine, Inc. provides a unique approach to your horse's well-being. Dr. Robson evaluates each patient as a whole horse and emphasizes client education.

From the Journal of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, February 2010:

    "Although TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) has a different perspective than conventional medicine, TCVM treatments are compatible with many conventional treatments, and in some circumstances an integrated approach using both systems may offer better healing results than either system alone. The integrated veterinary practitioner does not disregard previous knowledge of conventional anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology, but also understands the TCVM medical model, so they can easily combine the two and effectively use the wisdom of both perspectives."
Inspiritus Equine, Inc. Practice Approach Overview:
The Whole Horse Approach
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