Dear Bradley - I miss you. With love always, Mom.
Small companion animals are as prone to injury and daily stresses as our equine friends.  Traditional veterinary medicine provides diagnostics and medications to treat most injuries and ailments, but whole pet options are needed to address wellness and a fun and healthy long life. Many traditional treatments cause unwanted side-effects, and steroids and antibiotics are too often prescribed without underlying diagnoses or communication with clients. Complementary medicine may eliminate the need for these medications, or help to address side-effects. The best approach is often a careful combination of both Eastern and Western options with proper communication with the client.

I am proud to annouce the availability of a small animal Holistic Veterinary Office at the American Canyon Training Center in American Canyon, CA (between Napa and Vallejo).  It's a small barn space, but provides a nice room for treatments. My practice is limited to alternative medicine -- acupuncture and chiropractic -- as well as orthopedic assessment, diagnostic imaging review, and diagnostic or treatment counseling. I do not provide routine vaccinations or emergency care.

I am an experienced small animal veterinarian, having worked as a medicine and surgery associate for many years in addition to owning my equine practice. I am TPLO certified and orthopedics are my special interest. Now, I provide a whole patient approach, providing options where medications, aggressive treatments, and part-based medicine are not the answer.

I welcome your inquiries, and look forward to helping you and your pet.  Please email Dr. Robson or call 707-738-7110 for more information.
Holistic Veterinary Services